Thursday, January 4, 2007

Resolutionary War

Will I stick to my resolutions and plans this year? I sure hope so. I've made a conscious effort to do more planning than usual, in fact, to avoid some of the pitfalls I encountered in 2006. Last year was great in many ways, but I failed to achieve some major goals, especially in my fiction writing endeavors. Let's just say I got a little off track. It's one of my character flaws, actually: I have a real tendency to lose focus and drift. It's pretty disconcerting sometimes, because I'll find myself doing things that I know will derail my primary goals...but I do them anyway. It's like I become a different person. I'll look back six months later and scratch my head, wondering what the heck I was thinking when I did such-and-such instead of sticking to the plans that I know will be beneficial in the long term.

I truly hope 2007 will be different. I want to stay on-task in a big way, committing time and energy to the specific tasks that have the potential to move my writing career forward. Maybe, by creating extensive plans as I have, and posting them all over the damn place and forcing myself to apply discipline to staying on course, I'll be less likely to drift in harmful directions when my personality inevitably changes during the course of the year.

Because meeting my goals for a change would be cool.